Takeaway Menu


Please ring 01629 640252 by 5pm on Friday & Saturday to order pizza's & sides


For Sunday Roasts order by 12pm Sunday

Please by aware due to staff shortages we may not always be able to do takeaway, but give us a ring and we'll see what we can do :) 


Margarita: Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil Sauce, Parmesan, Basil £7

Pepperoni: Margarita plus pepperoni £8

El Quacko: Duck topped with Coriander, Spring Onion, Leek & Hoisin Sauce £10.50

Ribeye of the Tiger: 4oz Ribeye Steak Pieces, Sweet Pickled Peppers, Spicy Onions, Salt & Pepper Potatoes, Tiger Sauce £11.50

Mission Impizzable: Pork & Black Pudding Sausage, Siracha Chicken, Cajun Corn £10.50

Gorge-Onzola: Smoked Salmon, Parma Ham, Gorgonzola, Cranberry Jam, Lemon Thyme £10.50

General Spinachet: Enoki Mushroom, Nutmeg Spinach, Caramelised Onions, Confit Garlic £9.50


** 2 for £15 on any pizzas **


Halloumi Fries & Chili Coriander Sauce £5

Pizza Fries £5

Chips or Fries £2.50

Coleslaw £1.50

Salad £2


All kids’ meals except steak are available as takeaway

Sunday Roasts

Available Sunday only, 12-4pm

Beef or Lamb £12

 Pork or Chicken £10

Vegetarian Roast £8.50

All served with Yorkshire pudding, Vegetables, Braised Red Cabbage, Cauliflower Cheese, Roast Potatoes, Gravy


Please inform us of any allergies/intolerances