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White Lion Covid Regulations




For all inside tables it will be primarily table service as this is how we have always operated but customers may come to the bar to order drinks, all food orders for inside will be taken at the table. 

For outside tables please come inside and order/pay for drinks at the bar, where possible we will come and get food orders from the table, please limit how many people are coming to the bar from your group.



We have decided our current layout with tables works well so there will only be small changes, this allows customers to eat and drink safely. Big parties may still have to sit on smaller groups of tables.


Bar Drinking

No drinkers to be standing at the bar this allows the staff to keep working at the bar safely and allows other customers to access the bar to order. Bar stools will be at the bar in the snug room, as this is not a working bar this keeps staff and customers at a safe distance.


Face Masks

This is down to customer preference, staff will continue to wear masks for the foreseeable to protect us, customers can choose not to wear masks, whatever your decision please be respectful of other people’s choices.


Track & Trace

No longer obligatory to sign in but we will leave the QR posters up for those still using the app.


Hand Gel/One Way System

We will continue to operate the one-way system inside the pub. Hand gel stations are located in every room of the building/ garden so please still use them.


We understand the easing of restrictions is a mixed feeling for customers so please be mindful when inside the pub, everyone will still be greeted and served in the safe friendly environment we have managed to create during these times, and we will continue to do our very best to keep everyone safe.

Thanks for all your continued support.

White Lion Team


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